The Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC) is the first collaborative research organization of its kind. It brings together academic and community cancer centers with industry, to advance innovative Phase 1 and Phase 2 myeloma clinical trials of today’s most promising drug candidates.


Find an MMRC location near you.
Find an MMRC location near you.

How it connects
MMRC Member Institutions are supported by an advanced infrastructure. It includes a proactive study support/management team, cutting-edge tissue bank and laboratories, and IT systems that enable rapid, seamless collaboration.

Driven to achieve results
Our metrics mandate accountability and strongly promote team science. Our goal is to advance the treatment of multiple myeloma at all costs.

Current initiatives
The MMRC is aggressively investigating many cutting-edge cancer treatments, including immune-based therapies, genomics guided treatments, novel agents, and novel combination therapies.

The MMRF has opened the MMRC MyDRUG™ clinical trial. Patient enrollment is genomically-guided to novel drug combinations. The trial design dramatically accelerates the development of numerous targeted therapies. MYDRUG is designed to allow flexibility and adaptive changes along with the ongoing addition of new study arms as the research progresses, all of which will ultimately improve treatment outcomes and reduce the overall cost and duration of clinical trials.

The MMRC also drives advancement through the Clinical Accelerator, which enables new discoveries and insights through select investments in early stage programs, robust support of Investigator Sponsored Clinical Trials, and the design and completion of novel immune–based therapy clinical trials.  This program is designed to provide resources necessary for academic institutions, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies to rapidly test therapeutics in multiple myeloma while fostering collaboration among myeloma experts.


MMRC Members and Leaders

The MMRC is a handpicked group of cancer fighters. Meet the people and organizations that make the MMRC and everything it accomplishes possible.

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The MMRC is focused on speeding discovery. Learn about the current MMRc trials and other multiple myeloma drugs in development.

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