Biotech Investment Awards

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation was founded in 1998 and has raised more than $400 million to fund the most promising research in the field of multiple myeloma. The MMRF BIA program is intended to assist biotechnology and other for-profit (either public or privately-held) entities through the critical funding phase between laboratory discovery and commercialization. It is expected that companies supported by the MMRF BIA program will require additional funding and resources for successful completion of the proposal. The MMRF, through its BIA program, has provided more than $12 million in financial support to biopharmaceutical companies to advance agents from early drug discovery and development through Phase I/IIa clinical trials.

The 2018 MMRF BIA program is focused on accelerating the development of promising immune therapeutic or diagnostic candidates into multiple myeloma clinical trials starting on or before July 2020 . Applications may seek support for:

  • Phase I or IIa immune therapy or diagnostic focused clinical trials in multiple myeloma
  • IND-enabling studies to advance a late-stage development candidate for myeloma into clinical trials with the intent of IND submission no later than July 2020.

Immune therapeutic strategies include but are not limited to:

  • New antibody therapies targeting myeloma
  • New antibody or small molecule therapies intended to modulate host immunity, including, e.g.  immune checkpoint inhibitors and co-stimulatory factors
  • Engineered T cell and other immune cell approaches
  • Bispecific therapies
  • Vaccine approaches
  • Immune monitoring diagnostics

The proposed studies could be immune therapeutic strategies as single agents or in combination with standard of care and/or other novel agents or prospective diagnostic trials to demonstrate clinical utility. The clinical studies are intended for the following patient populations:

  • Relapsed/refractory myeloma
  • Newly diagnosed symptomatic myeloma
  • Smoldering myeloma

BIA Immune Therapy RFA 2018 Guidelines